Easy Nectarine Plum Tart

My kids said this was the best thing I ever made.  As it was so easy, I felt a little offended for a minute or two, but I got over it.

You will need one pie crust, unbaked.  I used Trader Joes.
2 oz lemon curd
One large nectarine - sliced in very thin sections (or enough nectarines to make sections to fill the pie crust)
One large plum- sliced in thin sections
And all you need is about 10 minutes for prep!

Line glass pie plate with crust.  Make a star in the center with some of the nectarine slices.  Continue with the star by outlining it with plums.  Finally, make an edge with the last of the nectarine slices.  Push the crust of the pie down around the edge so it's almost even with the fruit.  Heat lemon curd until liquid- it will cook very fast. Pour lemon curd over fruit- brush to cover fruit.  Bake at 350 until crust is light brown.  Let cool completely.  Serve with whip cream or ice cream.