Easy Napkins and Placemats

Having a large gathering over for lunch or dinner?  Planning to cater a relative's wedding?  Let me introduce you to My Drap- a fantastic line of napkins and placemats that come on a roll(in several sizes).  I love these. The napkins can be washed about 6 times, and after that you can recycle them in your yard waste can.  I think you could also laminate the placemats- I've been thinking about doing that, since I've got a laminator and I'm not afraid to use it!

I got my My Drap at Amazon, and always when they were on sale.


To give you some idea of sale prices, I paid 13.64 for my last purchase of placemats, 10.45 for my last buy of luncheon napkins (7.9 by 7.9 and 25 on a roll), 9.43 for the last dinner napkins I got (15.8 by 15.8 12 napkins per roll).  I also bought some cocktail napkins but I can't find the price I paid.

I have pictures of the blue gingham placemats I used on July 4th, with a bright red napkin.  I also took pictures of some of the different napkin rolls I bought.

Here's the way to fold the napkin in picture:


 Aren't these great looking placemats?  But they ARE really thin- which is why I think I could laminate them.  They would probably not stay put in a windy location- though you could weight them down with silverware and plates and such.  But I think the corners might whip up.

Here are rolls of various sizes:

The pink gingham are cocktail napkins, the blue gingham are the placemats, the brown are the large dinner napkins, and the light blue are luncheon napkins.  Even though they are rolled, they come off perfectly flat- I did not have to iron the placemat you see in the top photo.  It comes off the roll just like that!