I have really fallen down on the job this year.  Now that it's summer, I'm finally cooking a lot again.  My lunches this year consisted of cheese and crackers and fruit, PBJ sandwiches, or Amy's frozen burritos.

Because I was eating a lot of cheese and crackers, and because I like matzoh crackers, I bought a 5 lb box for only 2.97 (on clearance) at Costco.  Turns out it's harder to eat 5 lbs of matzoh crackers than you might think.  So I'm looking for recipes that use matzohs.  Today:


Don't those look amazing?  I can't wait to try them.  I also found a pizza recipe that looks pretty good, and I'll be trying that tonight as a starter, before we eat some ravioli.  I'm just going out now to buy pizza sauce and mozzarella.

Tomorrow morning we'll try matzo brei (eggs and crumbled softened matzo).

It's going to be a real matzoh odyssey until my giant box is gone.  I will post a picture of the box- because it's pretty impressive (in my opinion).