Bread Bread Bread

So around our house, lately, I've been using my bread machine for proofing the bread, and then I've been baking it in the oven artisan style. It's so easy! And it's so good I find I'm baking quite a lot. A hunk of bread, a chunk of cheese and an apple- and that's lunch! A really good lunch.

I've use Krusteaz sourdough bread mix and Krusteaz Italian herb mix. Both have yielded delightful results. I buy them at Amazon- and they end up being about 2.50 a box. Since you only add water, that's a great price for a loaf of bread.

I proof my loaf in the breadmaker until the cycles are over- and just before it would begin baking I turn it out on a foil topped cookie sheet, which I have floured with organic whole wheat flour- just dust the foil with flour. I like whole wheat flour best. Then I flour the top of the loaf- just a dusting- and score the top of the loaf (about 1/4 inch deep) across the top. I bake at 425 in a preheated oven until the top is a nice deep brown. I am hesitant to put an exact time- because it varies loaf to loaf- but it's about 25 minutes. Toward the end sometimes I wait by the oven until I get just the color to the crust I want.

My mom suggested rolling the loaf before baking in a mix of wheat berries, sunflower seeds, poppyseed, fennel and caraway, with some large grained salt- and I'm going to try that next.