First lunch for 2010. In the small containers we have trifle- just lady fingers at the bottom (crushed), sour cherry jam with sherry, and then Bird's custard. Whip cream around the edge. Super easy! The other container has 3 bean salad with flowers of bell pepper and carrot.

In the large container, from the top, we have a hard boiled egg, cut with a scalloped cutter, and orange sections (standing upright), cherry tomatoes, one of which is surrounded by the outside trim of the egg. Next you see tomago yaki slices with carrot flowers on top. These are rolled egg crepes of egg mixed with a little mirin, and sprinkled with some furikake. Finally, at the bottom, those are almond meal crepes (simple pancakes with extra milk and some almond meal), spread with peanut butter mixed with maple syrup.

I'm going to enjoy that trifle for lunch, and so are the kids.